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Is Your Car's Undercarriage Rusting From Exposure to Water?

Discover the benefits of vehicle undercoating services in Levant, ME

Living in Levant, ME means being exposed to several rain showers and snow storms per year. This can take a major toll on your car's undercarriage and lead to rust. Luckily, we have a solution. Estes Undercoating provides vehicle undercoating services for new and used cars in the area. You can prevent damage to the underside of your car for up to three years when you utilize our services.

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Find a package that best suits you

We always use a long-lasting liquid rubber material on every vehicle. This creates a rust-proof barrier between the underside of the vehicle and the harsh materials on the road. Our undercoating services are broken up into:

  • Cars and small SUVs: Starting at $500
  • Pickups and large SUVs: Starting at $650
  • Dual wheel and one-ton trucks: Starting at $800

Protect your vehicle from the harsh Maine winters when you hire us for vehicle undercoating services.

Why choose Estes Undercoating?

With a fast turnaround time and attention to detail, Estes Undercoating is the premier choice for vehicle undercoating. We have years of experience working with every type of vehicle under the sun, and we provide results that last longer than ordinary undercoating products. Don't worry about the underside of your car rusting ever again. Turn to our premier undercoating company.